Promises to My Children

I will love you.

I will display what a happy and healthy home looks like with a mom and a dad.

I will cook you dinner (most nights) and have family dinners around the kitchen table.

I will raise you to be a loving and thoughtful individual.

I will instill a love and fear of the Lord in you as best I can.

I will teach you empathy and compassion with lessons from the Bible.

I will help you grow into an adult at your own speed.

I will give you the advice I had wish I had at your age.

I will guide you in finding your passions and talents.

I will home school you as long as your father and I feel that I can do a better job than the school system available to you.

I will provide opportunities for you to serve in your community.

I will offer you a warm embrace when you return from “running away”.

I will leave the light on for you on those nights you stay out too late.

I will allow you to sit with the consequences of your actions, so that you may grow into a smart, logical thinker.

I will show you this list once you begin thinking about having kids.

I will ask for your forgiveness for the mistakes I’ve made and any of the hurts I’ve given you.

I will pray that you’ll understand.



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